A spooky road trip in WI!

If you’re looking for something “Halloween-related” to do this coming weekend, why not get in the ol’ family truckster & head to the other side of the state for a scary adventure????

Get started at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. One of the most haunted hotels in the country! Many stories about all sorts of creepy shit happening at the Pfister, like reported apparitions, moaning in the hallways, and random electrical malfunctions!

The Pfister is the home of many MLB teams when they come to Milwaukee to play the Brew Crew, and a number of the players that have stayed there say it’s definitely haunted!

After a stay at the Pfister, get on the road to Wally World!

Just kidding. Stop at Dartford Cemetery in Green Lake, WI. The cemetery was featured in a November, 2007 episode of the Discovery Channel series “A Haunting“, titled “Legend Trippers”. According to the legend, if you sit on top of a certain mausoleum, the ghosts of the children buried within will violently shove you off!

After visiting the Dartford cemetery, you can drive to the Highway 66 bridge in Steven’s Point, otherwise known as the “Bloody Bride Bridge“.

According to the legend, a bride-to-be was killed in a car accident on her wedding night on that stretch of road and continues to haunt it. They say that she appears in the backseat of vehicles parked on the bridge at midnight. So, bring some coffee!According to legend, a bride-to-be was killed in a car accident on her wedding night, and continues to haunt that stretch of road. 

Not too far away is “Boy Scout Lane”, also in Steven’s Point. It’s said to be haunted by the souls of an entire Boy Scout group that was either lost in the woods & died, were killed by their busdriver or Scout leader, or died in a fiery bus wreck.

As with most urban legends, there’s no real record of an entire group of children dying in the woods, but nonetheless, going in the woods at night with nothing but an urban legend is sometimes enough to make you shit your pants.

There’s PLENTY of other “spooky” places you can visit throughout the state & the region.

What are some of yours?

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