How old is your frozen pizza?

If you’re like me, you’ve got a few frozen pizzas in the freezer.

The wife & I have about 4-5 down there at any given time, but we usually go through them all before replenishing our stock. I’d say we eat a frozen pizza once every other week for dinner.

It’s a nice, easy meal that we always enjoy.

I suppose if you have kids, you probably have a few more frozen pizzas on hand just in case some friends come over and whatnot.

But how old is that frozen pizza that got shoved to the back of the freezer? Or is underneath the ice cream and fish sticks?

You might want to dig through your freezer to find your oldest frozen pizza, because Papa Murphy’s wants to hook you up with a year’s supply of their fresh-made, never-frozen pizza, along with a brand-new freezer and a gift card to fill it with all sorts of frozen goodies!

The contest starts today & runs through next Thursday. Check your freezer for the oldest frozen pizza you’ve got and take a photo or video with a clear view of the pizza’s expiration date and post it on Twitter, tagging @PapaMurphys and using the hashtags #pizzaexchange and #sweepstakes.

Obviously, you’ll want to follow Papa Murphy’s on Twitter if you don’t already!

For all the rules & whatnot, click here.

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