Don’t Stay Home Without ’em

Home School Headphones. If you spend ANY time at home with your spawn while attempting “Virtual Learning”… you will definitely need a good pair. Seriously. Don’t stay home without a good set of Headphones.

Please. For your own sanity, you need something to drown out all of that infernal racket. The yelling, the fighting, the bickering, and the constant DAD… DAD….DAD. It almost never stops. Don’t even get me started about all of the awful songs they listen to (and make you listen to)

Noise-Cancelling Headphones are your best option, but can be rather expensive. Some even let you listen to white noise, so you can escape to a world of near-silence. OH, and cheap N/C Headphones do not work, so don’t throw your money away. Spend the extra cash.

If you want to go the budget route, there are massive amounts of earbuds available for less than a six-pack online. Inexpensive, practically disposable, and most offer decent sound quality. Just make sure they have interchangeable or multiple sizes of tips. TRY THEM OUT. Make sure they are comfortable, and remember, the better they fit, they better they will sound.

Don’t spend a lot of money on earbuds. And pods? Yeah, you’re probably going to loose them. Or accidentally wear them into the shower one morning. (it happens a lot more than you would think) Now you’re out $250… and that, well. Sucks.

Just "Beat" It - The Truth About Beats Headphones by Dr. Dre

Also, as much as I don’t want to single out any specific bands… I kinda have to. As much as I like and respect Dre, his headphones are awful. Overpriced garbage. But hey, if you really want the fashion status, then buy ’em. But if you want premium sound, there are literally dozens of better cans for half (or more) the $$$$ of Beats. Plus they break. Easily.


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