Things to look forward to in October!

My favorite time of year! Even in a pandemic.

The weather is better. The bugs are essentially gone. Sports are sportsing! Festbier season leads into Porter & Stout season. HALLOWEEN!!!!!

If you’re like me, you LOVE October. And even with the crazy-ass world we live in, there’s plenty to look forward to this year.

Obviously, Halloween & the CANDY! Yes, I’m a chocolate fiend. We don’t have kids, so I don’t have to share. Can’t go wrong with some fun-size Kit Kats or Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. A new report found out that spending on Halloween candy is WAY up compared to last year.

Duh. We need the comfort, man.

Something else to look forward to in the month of October is all the sports! The NFL is back. NCAA football is back and the Big Ten gets started a bit later this month. The Nascar playoffs are in full swing. The NBA finals just started. MLB playoffs are underway.

Even though the movie industry hasn’t been pumping out the flicks this year and a lot of stuff has been postponed or rescheduled, the new Borat movie is hitting Amazon Prime on the 23rd!

As for TV in the month of October, SNL is returning this weekend…and it’s back in the studio! Plus, season two of the Mandalorian drops on Disney+ on the 30th!

And if you’re some kind of sadist, there’s three more political debates this month. The Mike Pence/Kamala Harris debate is next Wednesday, and Joe Biden & President Trump go at it again on the 15th & 22nd.

Lastly, the holidays in October aren’t just limited to Halloween! We’ve got “National Taco Day” AND……..AND!!! “National Vodka Day” this Sunday.


And on Friday, October 23rd….get ready to ask your coworkers, “What did the five fingers say to the face?”….it’s “Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day“!!!!

So there you go. Some stuff to look forward to in October.

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