Pints With Puck: Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold

Nitro! Yes! Budweiser has a NITRO! If Bud is in your wheelhouse, you’re going to like it. It tastes quite a bit like regular Bud, kicked up a notch. Plus with the benefit of nitrogen to make it extra smooth.

Let’s talk a bit about “biscuit” and “mouth feel” or…. just listen:

Budweiser Nitro Reserve Gold

American style lagers and pilsners tend to use very straight forward malts in the brewing process. I don’t want to say simple, because that’s the wrong word. They are just a bit sweet, but very clean when it comes to flavor.

That’s why most tend to have a light biscuit, cookie, or even cracker-like flavors. Stronger ales, use malts that are cooked at higher temperatures which leads to darker, nutty, or even bread-like notes.

The darker the brew, the darker the malt, (and vice-versa) the fuller or toastier the overall taste. Budweiser uses a slightly different malt to produce a slightly more complex flavor, and adds nitrogen to finish at the gloriously good pour. Nitrogen is beer’s buddy.

It delivers a more complex aroma, flavor, and yes… mouth feel. You can giggle or make jokes as much as you’d like. Mouth Feel jokes are great! Using nitrogen makes the beer very smooth on your tongue, in your mouth, and down your throat. YA SEE!?! If that doesn’t open up your in-the-gutter-brain, then I really can’t help you any further…… wait. I CAN. I could start in with “creamy”

But I won’t.


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