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Pints with Puck today offers up a BIG IPA. Big Hops, Big Flavor, Big ABV (Alcohol By Volume) And it has a TIGER with frickin’ LASER BEAMS shooting out of its eyes on the can. You had me as soon as you triggered my inner Dr. Evil

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The can is epic. The beer is delicious. A really smart dude is going to tell you about it… well, just listen:

Now, it’s the tail end of what used to be the IPA season. Yet I say, there is no longer an IPA season. Most of the really good ones are brewed year round. And with IPA’s outselling nearly every other beer style 5-to-1… that’s going to continue.

Allow me to add, that it’s currently Oktoberfest/Marzen season, with Stout & Porter coming right up. But I’ve always been against the whole concept of a beer “season”. My opinion is that you should just drink what you like, when you like, no matter the date.

If you want to down a double chocolate coffee porter in the middle of July or an ice cold lager in a frosted mug when it’s twenty below? Go for it.

But, since everybody loves a good Fest, we’ll dive into some Oktoberfest beers in the next few weeks. Maybe even a pumpkin *gasp


Pints with Puck runs LIVE every Thursday at 12:30ish. Puck has been has been a beer fan since he turned 21… yeah. 21. Got it. He’s not an expert. He’s not a snob. He just likes beer. And he’s more than happy to recommend a good one. Check out Puck LIVE (from his daughters bedroom) during the pandemic from 10:00-2:00 weekdays. Listen Here


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