Finally My Mastodon Masks Have Arrived! And not a second too late!

I ordered these puppies 7 weeks ago! 7 ENTIRE WEEKS!!! I have checked the mail every day, looking for a tracking number, pacing the wooden hallways of my home, crying to the moon, trying to use telekinesis to talk to Rasputin to see if he has any insight as to where they might be, fought off Satan and finally returned home to see my masks waiting for me in my mail box. Finally I have something that shows everyone I like to rock, while also keeping myself and others safe from the global pandemic! Here’s The Wife modeling them to me via FaceTime (not a plug at all)


Thank you Mastodon for actually caring about the health of your most loyal listener, me. The new song is amazing and has the heaviest outro in the history of music. Enjoy it here!

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