My Life in a Boot

As many of you know I am now hobbled up with a boot on my foot. Let’s start this by saying how weird English is that “boot” and “foot” don’t rhyme. Who made this language and why did they hate it’s speakers so much?

So back to the matter at hand, my life with the boot. I have been walking around on some carpeted surfaces and noticed a distinct sound it makes when I walk. It’s more of a rhythm than anything. For a while I couldn’t figure out what it was but I knew I knew that sound. After a few sleepless nights it came to me in a startling manner.

The rhythm my boot was making was a transition beat in the song “Blackened” off Metallica”s most thrash album “…And Justice For All”. Once I figured that out every time I walked anywhere that’s all I could hear. The mind is a terrible thing they say. Since it’s stuck in my head I think you deserve it to be stuck in yours! Enjoy!

This is also peak Hetfield. No discussion on that, I’m right.

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