What’s your FAVORITE way to eat a potato?

Today happens to be “National Potato Day“, and if you ask me, tots are the best.

I like chips. I enjoy fries(especially curly fries or waffle fries). Can’t go wrong with a good potato salad, either.

But the best way to eat a potato in my humble opinion is tots!

No big surprise, but in a recent study of Google trends, fries are the most popular way to enjoy the potato….The #1 choice of eighteen different states including California, Florida, NY, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

However, that included ALL kinds of fries, like waffle fries, steak fries and curly fries.

Here in Wisconsin, the number one choice is mashed potatoes, which came in second in popularity with seven overall states claiming mashed as their favorite.

In Minnesota, hasselback potatos are the favorite. I literally had no idea what that was when I read this list, so I looked it up. They look friggin’ delicious!

And in Iowa, they apparently don’t know what a potato is, because their #1 potato dish is “onion rings”.

Seriously. Get your shit together, Iowa!

Also, vodka didn’t make the list. Shame.

Here‘s the rest of the results!

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  1. John on August 19, 2020 at 7:18 am

    Hey Brian. This will stick in your mind for a long time. Tator Tot Casserole has been a staple for years at our place. However thanks to George Carlin’s Seven Words you’ll never hear on television, it became Tator TIT Casserole. Even my mom laughed when I first played that album. (Bout 1974)

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