Who’d you rather? Taxes edition!

One of my favorite scenes in Armageddon is when Bruce Willis tells Billy Bob that the crew will save the world, but they have a few requests.

Because they wisely threw in the “no paying taxes” ever again.

Who wouldn’t want to get out of paying taxes for the rest of their life?

A recent survey asked people what they’d be willing to give up to forgo paying taxes ever again, and no surprise, we’d be willing to ditch just about anything, including our best friends!

Here’s what else we’d be willing to give up:

  1. Watching sports. 43% of us would give up sports forever to never pay taxes again.
  2. Video games. 40%
  3. Alcohol. 37%
  4. Exercise. 22%
  5. Your favorite food. 19%
  6. TV. 12%
  7. Music. 8%
  8. Cell phones. 6%
  9. Driving & riding in cars. 5%
  10. Your best friend. 5%

For the entire survey, click here.

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