10 bands that are worse than Nickelback.

Apparently, something is happening this Friday with Nickelback…according to a recent tweet:

Obviously, that probably means new music.

Now, I don’t mind Nickelback. I don’t choose to listen to them, but I also don’t hate them, either. “Leader of Men” is a total jam….

But there’s a LOT of people who hate them for whatever reason. But are they the worse? BroBible doesn’t think so. They put together a list of “10 Rotten Bands That Couldn’t Hold Nickelback’s Jock Strap”.

  1. Imagine Dragons(barf city)
  2. Buckcherry(c’mon, dude.)
  3. Hoobastank(agreed)
  4. Five For Fighting(who?)
  5. Train(I’d rather listen to Bjork)
  6. Papa Roach(this is a travesty!)
  7. Maroon 5(Sunday Morning, tho)
  8. Staind(the whiny stuff is kinda bad, but Mudshovel & Crawl are great)
  9. U2(meh)
  10. Smash Mouth

What, no Trapt?

Check out the list & the write up on each selection here.


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  1. Travis T. on August 13, 2020 at 9:20 am

    I don’t know if enjoying one or two of a band’s songs makes them all that good. That makes them your own personal one-hit wonders. So I agree with this list.

    [What’s with the opacity on this site? It’s gaudy.]

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