The best Airbnb ever?

There’s a LOT of interesting Airbnb‘s out there.

Including a castle in Ireland that’s only $146/night, a “gingerbread house” in California for $120/night, and a private island for a mere $350/night.

But this might be the most interesting Airbnb of them all.

The world’s last Blockbuster video, located in Oregon, is offering up their store for just three nights, at only $4 a pop!

The manager of the store says it’s a way of thanking her community for keeping the shop in business.

Unfortunately, only the residents of Deschutes County in Oregon and try to book the store for a sleepover which will temporarily outfitted with a living room area, complete with a big-screen TV & a pull-out couch.

Plus, all the movies you can watch!

There’s some Covid restrictions in place for the lucky people who get to rent the store, but I could totally see this becoming a way to help the store stay afloat for years to come.

Turn it into a unique opportunity for people on vacation looking for something original & nostalgic like the “Christmas Story” house!

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