Summer Party Tip – Hosting during a pandemic.

For the first time in thirteen years, the wife & I decided to cancel our annual Backyard BBQ this year due to the ‘Rona.

Just figured it was easier to err on the side of caution rather than run the risk of being the source of an outbreak.

Now, if you’re intent on having a get-together sometime this year, here’s a few tips for hosting during a pandemic.

  1. Hold your party outside. We talked about this one. Since our party is primarily outdoors, we thought it might be able to happen with a limited guest list, but still decided it wasn’t the right time. However, if you’re planning on having people over, keep it outside! We’ve always rented a porta-potty to help ease the stress on our toilets, and that would also be a good idea to help keep people OUTSIDE.
  2. Don’t have a buffet. Which was another issue we would have had to tackle. Our party’s always been a pot-luck, and sharing food and serving utensils isn’t the best idea right now. But, individually wrapped food, or bags of chips rather than a bowl of them would be a better option.
  3. Individual drinks, as well. Instead of a big jug or bowl of punch, try to go with single-serving options.
  4. Simple desserts like cupcakes & cookies
  5. Have extra PPE on hand. Plenty of hand sanitizer, disposable facemasks and more!

I still wouldn’t recommend having a party at your house right now, but if you are going to, be safe!

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