Best of the Morning Sickness – The one with the Florida “She-Shed” woman

This week started out with Tina Fey’s birthday, so we played “Fact or Bullcrap” – Tina Fey edition. Plus, the top things you should consider before going back to a dine-in restaurant.

We also discussed a list of the things that turn a house into a “home”…….and apparently, we use a LOT of excuses to get out of doing things, so we talked about the top ones we use.

Plus, a great story about a #FloridaWoman who burned down her own She-Shed over a TOWEL dispute. We also had to educate Shaw about the difference between a swinger party & an orgy.

We talked about a list of the new subscription services people are using during the ‘Rona, and we discussed the top 100 debut songs of all time. And of course, there was that story about the naughty¬†Russian nurse!


Brian Simpson

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