Life During Quarantine.

I feel like this has gone on longer than we all thought it was going to go so let’s figure some things to do. We all have a to do list, some longer than other(**cough cough, me) So let’s make a game plan because this shit might be going longer than we thought it would, again.

Ideas to do around the house.

*Clean the garage: Gotta get ready for summer projects eventually! Plus it’s pretty much like working outside without the commitment.

*Wash your car in the driveway: Crank some 80’s hair metal and make it like a old Warrant music video! Plus side, your neighbors will DEF adhere to social distancing!

*Stare pensively out the windows of your house and have an existential crisis, internally of course. What’s quarantine without a little madness?

*Learn a new recipe. Nothing says it has to be tasty, hell it doesn’t even have to be hardly edible. Just get out there and put your best foot forward and remember to measure garlic with your heart and not what that recipe says.

*Learn your children’s birthday’s. This one might be the toughest of all. There’s a lot of days in the year. 365! Try to come up with a fun mnemonic device like Micheal Scott from The Office to remember them.

Things To Do Outside The House


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