The 10 funniest movies of all time?

Some people watch “Outbreak” or “Contagion”, but I’d rather watch “Police Academy” or binge all the episodes of “Seinfeld” during the ‘Rona.

Life is too serious right now.

Nothing like a good comedy or action flick to take your mind off of things for a hour or two.

A new list of “the funniest movies of all time” has popped up and it’s not too bad.

The even put the Tommy Wiseau cult-classic “The Room” on there as a bonus entry.

I definitely agree that “Caddyshack”….

and “Christmas Vacation” belong on the list.

So does “Superbad”

and “Borat”.

But it’s definitely missing “Blazing Saddles”.

And no “Spinal Tap”? Or “Hot Fuzz”?

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