The one with dog treats

This week, we recapped the Super Bowl…and played “Fact or Bullcrap – Super Bowel edition”. Plus, a great story about a MN woman who found her lost dog thanks to a can of beer!

We discussed the results of a survey that said that almost a third of people don’t prefer monogamy. Also, some other V-day stuff like some things you can do for your ex on Valentine’s Day! Speaking of exes, there was a #FloridaWoman who smeared feces on her fiance’s face….and a new trend amongst “instagram influencers” who aren’t drinking water anymore.

Plus, the “Dog food diet” discussion that led to a significant revelation on the sho, and a list of things that are turning 35 in 2020!


Brian Simpson

Unapologetic fan of the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins & Celtics. Lover of powerful, dark beers. Married with NO kids. Ever. Lover of doggos. Not so much cats.

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