what the hell is wrong with us?

I get it. Pizza is friggin’ amazing. It might be the perfect food.

Bread and cheese and sauce and meat all in one!

And I’m no different than anybody else…I’ve burned my tongue or the roof of my mouth hundreds of times because I’m too impatient. I NEED that pizza inside me…no matter the cost!

But according to recent data, people in the US went to the hospital for a “pizza related injury” 50% more than we did in 2019.

I have no doubt that the world is getting dumber. Just gotta look around to see the stupidity. But c’mon, people. Get your sh!t together.

Some of the injuries in 2018 included: “a 17-year-old man poking the roof of his mouth with a fork while eating pizza, an 18-year-old woman swallowing her tongue ring after feasting on a slice and a 21-year-old woman preparing a pizza who slipped with a bread knife in her hand.”

So, this Sunday, when it’s “National Pizza Day“, take it easy and enjoy the pizza…instead of ending up in the ER.

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