The 3 Places I HAVE to Eat Whenever I visit Chicago

I just came back from visiting my relatives from Chicago. Always have a wonderful time seeing them, and caught a Blackhawks game while I was down there. I’ve spent a great deal of time down there visiting my family, and each time I go, there are 3 places I always try to hit. So if…

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Bags’ Chicken Wing Marinade

If you want your wings to be as slammin’ as they can be as you get ready to host your Super Bowl party, or for your upcoming summer barbecue, this fairly simple recipe is where it’s at. Note that this recipe is good for any kind of wings. It doesn’t matter if you grill them,…

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NEVER Make Risotto


If you are ever on Food Network’s Chopped. Never make risotto. Just don’t. You will LOSE. And yet, people keep trying to make it!!!

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Another Stupid Food List


We all know internet lists are stupid, subjective, and usually just. plain. wrong. This one just goes beyond the norm for a stupid list.

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