The 3 Places I HAVE to Eat Whenever I visit Chicago

I just came back from visiting my relatives from Chicago. Always have a wonderful time seeing them, and caught a Blackhawks game while I was down there. I’ve spent a great deal of time down there visiting my family, and each time I go, there are 3 places I always try to hit. So if you’re ever in the area, these are some places you should check out.

3. White Castle

Harold, Kumar, & Bags Go To White Castle

So this one isn’t exactly a Chicago original. But it is a Midwest staple, and unfortunately, there aren’t any around here at home. But each year, those tiny little sliders keep calling me back. So whenever I make my way south, this is one of my first stops. This place is especially good if you’re suffering a little “Irish Flu”, if you know what I mean. *Wink wink, nudge nudge*

2. Portillo’s


Thanks to the success of the company, these have been popping up outside of IL, now with locations in WI and MN. But it just hits different when you get it in Chicago. Portillo’s has a wide menu of sandwiches, burgers, and dogs. But where they really shine is their roast beef. I’m almost glad there isn’t one of these around here, because I would rapidly put on 20lbs. I love this place so much. The cool thing about them, by the way, is that the menu is different in each region. The core items remain the same, but specialty items change up depending on where you go. So it’s a good place to check out wherever you can find them.
Pro Tip: Get your beef sandwiches dipped. Thank me later.

1. Giordano’s

*Slow heavy metal music playing*

Being truthful, you can go down to Chi-Town, throw a stone, and hit a good place to get a pizza. But for my vote, Giordano’s is king. The sauce is on point, their meats are delicious, and there’s cheese piled in places I didn’t think cheese could fit. It shouldn’t be possible for a pizza to be this damn good. I’ve always loved deep dish pizza, and Giordano’s is something I start craving the very second I leave Chicago. I missed my Chicago relatives dearly, as I haven’t been down there since the pandemic began. But one bit of this pizza made me forget who they even were. Hell, I forgot who I even was.
It’s that damn good.

There’s definitely a laundry list full of honorable mentions, and perhaps I’ll touch on those a different day. But these are the 3 I think about most when I’ve been away too long.

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