The 4th is Over. Can We Celebrate Halloween Now?

Just like with Christmas, people keep wanting to celebrate Halloween early. However, unlike Christmas, I’m all for it!
This trend seems to have surfaced in recent years just after the 4th of July. It makes sense, because with the 4th behind us, the next major holiday is Halloween. Well, major holiday in the sense of one that actually comes with nationwide festivities. Obviously Labor Day and Columbus Day are up next. But we’re not exactly giving presents, dressing up, eating candy, or lighting off fireworks for those days.

But can we get spooky now that the 4th is over?
I actually just watched the entire Evil Dead franchise over the weekend. In fact, there’s a ton of horror movies out there with a summer setting. Dig into them!
I also don’t object to seeing a few skeletons floating about the area. Well, as long as they’re fake. (Take it easy there, Dahmer.)

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