There’s NO WAY Elton John peed in a bottle in a sneaker store.


On the show today, we let you know what’s new on “New Release Tuesday” and we also talked to Grant Bilse from the Wisco Sports Show.

Some medical students are going to be enjoying some free tuition thanks to a BILLION dollar donation, and a cool story about an intervention specialist at an elementary school who also cuts the kids’ hair for free.

Had a “Karen of the Day” along with a “Kyle of the Day“!

Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow found an interesting way to help rehab from his wrist injury last season, a Tour de France cyclist got fined for kissing his wife during the race, and a recent poll about “Midwest Nice” revealed that most people in the Midwest apologize for stuff when they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a Scottish woman who tattooed her PIN number on her leg, a #FloridaMan who dropped a toddler out of a second-floor window, a man in Massachusetts who was saved by a stranger at a recent Rolling Stones show, a new way of dealing with gnats, a cat who had it’s eyes sealed shut with a glue-like substance, a couple who tried to dine & dash from a restaurant, and Elton John supposedly peed in a bottle at a sneaker store in France.


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