New Rock on 95.7 The Rock – 6/6/24

We got some new goodies in for your listening pleasure. Summer is here and we’re getting the songs in that will become the anthems to the season. So take a peek at some of the new stuff we’ve got.

Royale Lynn – Death Wish
Royale Lynn is a relatively new band to us here at The Rock. I love great female talent in our genre, and her vocals will give you goosebumps. Check it below.

The Ghost Inside – Wash It Away
This is one of those songs I fell in love with immediately. It hits like a ton of bricks. I saw them years ago before they were much of a thing, and enjoyed them a lot. They started to rise in the ranks before a tragic bus crash in 2015 put the pause button on them for a while. They’re back now in a big way, and I think you’ll really dig this tune as I do.

A Day To Remember – Feedback
I’ll admit to having a soft spot for ADTR, as their song “Everything We Need” was my first choice when I became in charge of the music here on The Rock. That song was more of their mild style. This song, however, flashes their ability to get hard and loud. It was almost an instant choice the second we heard it. We think you’ll agree.

New Music
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