Top Songs of the Week – 6/5/24

No one stays on top forever, and that’s a good thing! Our summer library is changing as new goodies come in, stick with us, and get stay in our heads for a while.
Here’s who holds the top spots now on 95.7 The Rock.

  1. Nothing More – If It Doesn’t Hurt
  2. Godsmack – Truth
  3. Hardy – Rockstar
  4. From Ashes to New – Barely Breathing
  5. Billy Morrison & Ozzy – Crack Cocaine
  6. Five Finger Death Punch ft DMX – This Is The Way
  7. Pearl Jam – Wreckage

Pearl Jam once again joins our Top Songs list with their newest called “Wreckage”. They really came storming back to us in 2024, proving the 90’s aren’t dead just yet.
It’s also nice to see 5FDP w/DMX still holding a spot. I kinda wish they’d released this song sooner, but I’m thankful to at least hear one more song from DMX since his passing back in 2021.

Top Songs of the Week
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