Brian’s going on vacation and decided to swear on the radio before he left.

Before Brian heads outta town for a couple of weeks, we wrapped things up with a new list of things to look forward to in the month of June.

The big news this morning was about Trump being found guilty.

We also recapped the NBA & NHL playoff action, and talked about Da Bears being on “Hard Knocks” this summer during training camp.

Let you know what’s in theaters this weekend, and Brian got a few tips from Jean on things to do in Rockford, IL…as Brian makes a stop there tomorrow night to see Royal Bliss & the Lonely Ones!

State Track is in town this weekend, so it’ll be VERY busy downtown.

Had a great story about a bus driver who’s retiring after SEVENTY years of driving bus.

Also talked about Stef Curry’s post-NBA plans.

Doc joined us to talk racing, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about the naked BumbleBee statue guy from a few days ago, a guy who set a house on fire and killed an innocent family of five, a #FloridaMan who set himself on fire inside of a grocery store, a mom who tried to sell her daughter for $20, a guy who hid in the attic of a Red Roof Inn after he robbed a Waffle House, a lawsuit against Madonna for being too sexual during her shows, a woman who killed her common-law husband to try & get an inheritance that didn’t exist, a woman at a grocery store that only wanted a half a carrot, and a Russian grocery store that had people licking eggs for some reason.


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