Subtle Ways To Mess With People – Bags Top 10

Messing with people in subtle ways can be harmless fun as long as it’s done with good intentions and doesn’t cause any harm. Here are ten subtle ways to do it:

  1. Change their computer settings: Adjust their mouse sensitivity, change their desktop background, or swap their keyboard keys around.
  2. Invert their phone screen: On smartphones, there’s usually an option to invert colors. Sneakily do this on a friend’s phone and watch their confusion.
  3. Rearrange their desk/workspace: Move things around slightly when they’re not looking, like swapping the position of their pens or rearranging their desk decorations.
  4. Adjust their chair height: Lower or raise their chair slightly, so they notice a difference in height when they sit down.
  5. Create subtle noises: Place a small, quiet device like a phone on vibrate mode in their vicinity and sporadically send it messages or calls to make them wonder if they’re hearing things.
  6. Alter their alarm clock time: Change the time on their alarm clock by a few minutes, so they wake up earlier or later than expected.
  7. Intercept their remote control: If they’re watching TV, subtly interfere with the remote control signal by placing something between the remote and the TV, causing them to think the batteries are dying or the remote is malfunctioning.
  8. Swap similar items: Replace items they use often with similar ones. For example, switch their regular coffee with decaf or replace their shampoo with a similar-looking bottle filled with water.
  9. Subtle word substitutions: Casually replace a few common words in your conversation with slightly incorrect synonyms and see if they notice.
  10. Redirect their internet bookmarks: If they’re using a shared computer, subtly rearrange or rename their internet bookmarks so they end up on unexpected websites when they click on them. (This one can be particularly fun.)
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