Fence around a boat. Boat on a fence.

Welcome back to work!

Got to the “Monday Morning Throwback” today, and we recapped this weekend’s NHL & NBA playoffs.

And Brian recapped his weekend in Des Moines to see Cake.

Had a great story about a long-time resident of a small town in Missouri who donated $500,000 to his volunteer fire department, and Brian tried to get Jean & Shaw to watch the video of JR Bunn breaking his leg in an MMA bout.

Funny video of a pelican interrupting a baseball game, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about an officer who accidentally pepper-sprayed himself, a man in Utah that got stuck on a rock, a bunch of delayed mail in MN, drone cops, a guy who got a DUI while riding on his lawnmower, a postal worker who raced a Mustang, and a guy who built a fence to hide his boat.


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