4/20 Eve!

The weekend has finally arrived!

Shaw’s going on vacation next week, so we talked a bit about that this morning, and we also talked about all the transfer portal movement with the Badgers this offseason.

Let you know what’s new in theaters this weekend and what’ll be on TV.

And had a great story about the importance of learning CPR.

Tomorrow is 4/20, so we looked at some of the deals that will be out there if you celebrate.

Also, a fantastic story about Byron Buxton of the Twins making things right with a fan in Baltimore.

Shaw mentioned that the WIAA is voting next week to possibly allow NIL deals in high school athletics, and he shared the news that the original Star Trek Enterprise from the TV show is back in the proper hands.

Doc joined us to talk about racing, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about two planes that almost ran into each other on the runway, a guy who had a drink at 120 bars in 24 hours, a kid in kindergarten who had baggies of cocaine in his backpack, a kid in Massachusetts that got stuck in the chimney of his house, a #FloridaMan who shot & killed his wife and then chased the ambulance she was in on the way to the hospital, a bunch of morons who were taking selfies with bear cubs, the person with the longest Covid infection died, Tim Horton’s gave away a free boat to EVERYONE on accident, a woman who got busted with 56lbs of weed in an airport, and a guy killed his friend while noodling to protect himself from being sacrificed to Bigfoot.


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