All I know is that I want a pizza cake.

It’s just another thirsty Thursday….

Started things off with the Thursday Song and Brian talked about watching “Suicide Kings” last night.

Discussed the results of the NBA Play-In tourney games from Wednesday night, and also talked about Caitlin Clark’s introductory press conference.

Had a cool story about a teddy bear drive in Nashville for abused children.

In case you were unaware, today is “National High Five Day” and “National Pizza Cake Day“.

Talked about the weird shit that people left in Ubers last year.

A couple of legendary broadcasters announced their retirements this week, including John Sterling of the Yankees and Jack Edwards of the Bruins. Meanwhile, Bill Belichick will be joining Pat McAfee for the NFL Draft.

Apparently, American University has a new course on the economics of Taylor Swift. And if you thought that the Vikings were going plant-based this season, you got duped, bro.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about arrests being made in a major gold heist case, an 8 year-old that was driving his mother’s car the wrong way with her in the backseat, a drunk boat captain that fell off the ship, thousands of bees got into a couple’s walls, a woman who called the cops because she had some bad meth, a woman who tried to use her dead uncle to take money out of the bank, and a woman who got duped by a fake Aaron Rodgers profile.


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