Easter candy & bootlegger caves!

Welcome to Good Friday!!

We started things off this morning with a discussion about our upcoming Easter meals, and we recapped last night’s NCAA Sweet 16 action.

Let you know what’s on TV & in theaters this weekend, and we talked about the line-up for the Bonus Bash at Rock Fest this July. Can’t wait!

Had a cool story about a Pirates pitcher who’s going to be making a $100 donation to the Gary Sinise Foundation for every strikeout he throws this season, and a nice story about a couple in California who thought a wolf had wandered onto their property, only to realize it was a husky named Balto that they’re going to adopt!

We ran down some stats & info on Easter, including the best Easter candies, and we shared the news about David Portnoy from BarstoolSports.com raising a bunch of money for a slain NYPD officer.

Doc joined us this morning to talk racing and we DEFINITELY brought up the bootlegger cave they just discovered!

And during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about song lyrics getting dumber, a guy who did almost 3,000 lunges in an hour to break a world record, a couple of 10-year olds traded a gun for some weed at a school in #Florida, an update on the guy who stabbed his neighbor to death while wearing a “Scream” mask, a guy who drives for Google Street View ran from the cops, a guy who tried to help some firefighters battle a blaze with his garden hose, and a house in Hawaii that was built on the wrong property.


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