Are you a Wiener Connesieur?

Hello Thursday!

We started you off with the Thursday Song and talked a LOT of sports today.

It’s MLB Opening Day, and Brian thinks it should be a National Holiday. Unfortunately, the Brew Crew will have to wait until tomorrow to start their season.

The Sweet 16 kicks of tonight, and yesterday, the NCAA president called for changes to legal gambling involving player prop bets.

We also talked about the possibility of Caitlin Clark playing in Ice Cube’s BIG3 league.

Had a couple of nice stories just after 7am…one involving a dog named Daisy that got her head stuck in a tire, but was rescued by some firefighters..and another story about a guy in Oregon who is retired, but spends five days a week cleaning up & doing some landscaping around the high school his son attended.

Who’d you rather? 100% shot at $1 million??? Or a 75% chance to win $100 BILLION???

Remember the story from yesterday about the guy who got fired & stole a front loader from his job site & ran from the cops? Welp, we’ve got bodycam footage & audio of the incident today.

And today’s “Friggin’ Sports” story is a job opening for a wiener connoisseur.

During “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a #FloridaMan who called 911 repeatedly and threatened them with violence, a guy in Iowa who brought a gun to his kid’s school & demanded to speak to the principal, Punxsutawney Phil is now a proud papa, Dollar Tree stores are raising their prices(again), a bunch of cannabis got returned to a weed shop owner, a guy wants a permit to hunt sasquatch, and 7-11 is apparently making hot dog-flavored water now?


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