There’s a fire-starting witch in Iowa!

March Madness is finally here! And Oakland probably busted your bracket already with their upset of Kentucky yesterday.

Brian watched in awe as Jack Gohlke(from Pewaukee!) scored 32 points on 10-of-20 shots from 3-point land. During the 34 games for Oakland this season, he took 333 shots, and 325 of them were from beyond the arc.


Obviously, the overnight snow was affecting people throughout the area this morning, even though it wasn’t bad here in La Crosse.

We had a great story about two friends who are attempting to set the Guinness World Record for longest journey by toy car. And they’re doing it to raise money to end all kill shelters.

Amidst all the college basketball going on this weekend, the Shohei Ohtani story is also a massive deal right now in the sports world, and it looks like Brian’s assumption that there’s more to this story is coming true!

Did you know that today is “Talk Like William Shatner Day“???? It’s his 93rd b-day, and he’s not only a prolific actor, but also a musician.

In one of our three-ways this morning, Shaw mentioned a vehicle recall because of faulty airbags, and Brian went a bit wacky talking about how funny the airbag prank videos are!

We talked racing with Doc this morning, and during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about the impact of the Oakland win yesterday the brackets at, a heroic British pilot who recently passed away, a pastor who was arrested for trying to have someone killed, a man in Texas who almost died due to an ingrown hair, an inept robbery attempt at a Dollar Tree store, a woman who lost her hand because of a hair-dryer, a woman attending a funeral in London by Zoom that treated the people on the other end of the call to an x-rated shower, and a reported witch in Iowa that started a porch fire.


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