Pythons eating children…Mass HYSTERIA!

It’s New Release Tuesday, and even though DVDs are becoming harder & harder to find, we let you know what’s coming out today! It’s also “National Girl Scout Day” and “National Baked Scallops Day“, so celebrate with some fresh seafood & a few Thin Mints!

Shared the news that 70’s/80’s pop singer Eric Carmen had passed away at the age of 74.

Also talked about NFL free agency which was like the Wild, Wild West yesterday with players moving all over the place.

Had a great story about a jogger in Hawaii that found a lost & injured dog on a recent run and was able to get the dog home & reunite it with it’s owner!

Did you hear about the soccer coach who got fired after he head-butted a player on the opposing team??? CRAZY!

Not sure if you’re aware, but some car companies are using apps & technology in your vehicle to gather data about your driving habits…and then selling it to insurance companies who can then raise your rates!

It’s James Taylor’s birthday, and Brian wondered aloud if James had any “bangers” when you see him in concert…turns out he probably doesn’t.

And we talked about a new novelty item available at Carolina Hurricanes games.

During today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a new Peeps body spray(gross!), a teenager in Nebraska who was pulled over for driving 117mph in a 55mph zone because he wanted to go see his girlfriend, a bunch of TP got loose on a Los Angeles freeway the other day, a bunch of rats in a police station in Louisiana are eating all the evidence…including the drugs, a bunch of people on a Chilean plane were injured when it suddenly nose-dived, a new age requirement for strippers in #Florida, AirBnB is making renters eliminate cameras in their properties, a woman in Georgia that broke up with a guy had her house blown up, and a guy in England who got high & went on a rampage!


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