Monday. And DEEZ NUTS!

A couple of beautiful days to start the week, beginning with today!

We went all the way back to 2011 for this week’s “Monday Morning Throwback“, and celebrated “311 Day” with some 311, of course!

Recapped the Oscars from last night, and talked about Caitlin Clark‘s incredible performance during the Big Ten Women’s championship game against Nebraska.

Had a great story about a World War II vet who is going to be honored in France this June, and is also planning on getting married while there!

Did you know that you’re more likely to die today because of the time change this weekend???? It’s true!!!

And did you see the fight during the LSU/South Carolina game yesterday??? Crazy!

What’s the most you’d ever pay for a bowl of soup? Is it less than $1,800? Cause if you’ve got an extra $1,893 laying around, you can get a bowl of it.

During the FRIGGIN’ SPORTS, we talked about a high school basketball player who missed a game because a cheerleader knocked him out!

And in today’s “Bad News with Happy Music” segment, we had stories about a house in the Twin Cities that was hit by 97 bullets in 45 seconds over the weekend while the family was gone, the state of California is talking about banning decaf coffee, some new(ish) technology getting installed in restaurants to help make sure employees are washing their hands properly, a subway surfer got severely injured, a plane’s pilot AND co-pilot both fell asleep at the same time, a woman who took an Uber to a pharmacy to pick up a prescription but got assaulted by the driver, and a guy in Green Bay is named “Deez Nuts“. For real.


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