Oh no, it’s the time change weekend!

Hallelujah, it’s Friday!

Started things off today with a recap of last night’s State of the Union address, and talked about a Spanish bike race that started with 182 riders, but only finished with 52!

Let you know what’s in theaters this weekend & what’s on TV, and gave you a list of things you should ALSO do this weekend while you’re changing your clocks.

Had a touching story about an active Military mom who graduated recently & got a very nice message from her son who is also active Military and couldn’t be there in person.

In case you were unaware, today is not only “Be Nasty Day”, but it’s also “Retro Video Game Day”, and “International Women’s Day”. And in honor of women everywhere, we took a look at a recent survey about where & when women get the most “me time“.

Funny bit during sports about a fake Patrick Mahomes that fooled a bunch of people in a mall in KC.

Shaw told us about a cow that was born with two faces that’s apparently still chugging along. Creepy!

Talked about a woman named Cole Brauer who sailed solo around the world, and got Doc’s Racing Report.

During today’s Bad News with Happy Music, we had stories about a Tesla truck that got stuck on a beach, a St. Louis museum that’s trying to break a world record, a man in Baltimore that got stabbed with a can opener, a mom who died after getting a butt-lift from a phony doctor, a mail carrier in California that was attacked by a squatter, a deputy in Georgia that was almost a gator’s dinner, a woman in Texas who intentionally tried to make her son’s bully sick, a man in China that threw coins into a plane’s engine because he thought they were lucky, a #FloridaWoman who attacked her ex with some Sprite & pickled pork juice, and a couple of women who tried to pull a “Weekend At Bernie’s


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