Things to look forward to in March…& a new way to peel a tangerine?

No Shaw today…he went to the Iowa women’s basketball game last night to see Caitlin Clark set another record.

We started things off with the Thursday song, and talked about the recent deaths of actor/comedian Richard Lewis & former WWE wrestler, Virgil. Also got an update from Wendy’s on their supposed “surge pricing”

Played Gary’s F’ING song this morning & he scored a $25 Downtown Mainstreet gift card thanks to Niki Paisley, your C21 affiliated realtor. Request your F’ING songs on our app or website!

We talked about the camping at Rock Fest being in short supply, and we shared a nice story about dog that was reunited with it’s owner after going missing for five years!!!

There’s apparently a large group of leap-day babies that have been going on cruises with other leap-day babies for the last few years.

We gave you a list of things to look forward to in the month of March, and Brian tried a new way to peel a tangerine.

Shared a list of Leap Day deals for some national chains, and we also got an update on the cause of that fight between Cam Newton & several other people at a youth football camp.

During “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy who robbed a convenience store with a Hostess Cinnamon roll box, the Cheifs-A-Holic guy is guilty, and there was a very bizarre naked-lady brawl on the beach in LA.


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