New Music on The Rock

Got some new goodies in house that you’ll be hearing a lot of soon. This is the time of year new music really starts spitting out left and right. So let’s take a look at what’s new at 95.7 The Rock.

Linkin Park – Friendly Fire
This is another lost track from Linkin Park that was recorded before Chester’s passing. It kinda tugs at your heartstrings a bit. Give it a listen.

Godsmack – Truth
Godsmack is slowly getting out of the business of making new songs…. well…. maybe. They keep going back and forth on that issue. Either way, here’s their latest.

Hardy – Rockstar
There’s a continued surge of “country rock” music out there, and Hardy is at the forefront. He keeps cranking out hits that make the charts. Here’s his latest.

The Warning – Sick
These very talented ladies rocked out with us at Rock Fest last year. I’m pretty bummed I missed them, as I loved their last hit that made our station, “Money”. I love this song equally as much. Check it.

New Music
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