Dude. CrusherFest!!

Started the show by talking about the MASSIVE swing in the weather.

I was on the Harley yesterday, and this morning, I woke up to snow, ice, & bitter cold.

Thankfully, it’s supposed to get right this weekend with temps back into the 60’s & possibly 70’s.

We talked about the Badger game last night getting delayed by a fire alarm, and we reminded you about the upcoming Opening Day bus trip to see the Brewers take on the Twins on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Also talked about the very emotional video from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show where he talked about putting his beloved dog, Dipper, down.

Plus, more info on the bridge in Lansing and the DOT’s plans for the next few months while it’s being fixed.

Had a very optimistic story about a guy using the thermal imaging on his drone to find lost pets!

During a three-way with Shaw, we found out that 75% of people will skip an event because of parking. And if you hadn’t heard, there’s an all-women’s sports bar that’s opening in the cities this weekend called “A Bar of Their Own“.

Thanks to a hint during the rundown of birthdays & pop culture history, Shaw was able to figure out this week’s movie quote during “You’re Killin’ Me, Shaws”. It was “Pretty In Pink” from 1986.

And another story during the Friggin’ Sports involving Tyreek Hill & a lawsuit.

During Bad News with Happy Music, we had stories about a grandmother in Rochester who got scammed, a massive drug bust in Georgia, a man who beat a McDonald’s employee because the worker touched the lid of his drink, an A.I.-generated Willy Wonka experience left people somewhat unhappy, a bunch of people in Kentucky who ate ice cream laced with cleaning supplies, and a #FloridaMan who shoved a bunch of fentanyl up his ass.

Oh, and we found out all the info on CRUSHERFEST in Milwaukee!


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