Stupid sandwich board permits!

Welcome to Monday! The obvious news to start the week is the EXTREMELY warm weather we’ve got in the forecast for the next few days.

The other big news in our area this week is the condition of the bridge in Lansing.

Brian went off on the city for it’s recent decision to start enforcing it’s “sandwich board” law on local businesses.

Had a great story about a dog that went missing after an avalanche a year ago, but was recently seen on a trailcam!

Talked about the AT&T $5 credit for the outage last week, and we also talked about the viral Cam Newton fight video from this past weekend during the “Friggin’ Sports”.

Got to the Monday Morning Throwback, and we offered our condolences to the family of our 2023 Big Bikes kid, Emerson Small.

Tried to hook Jean up with some tips on how to do less laundry, but she wasn’t having it.

And during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about something called “eclipse tourism“, a man who died in the hospital after going NINE DAYS without food, a drug bust at a place called 420 Liquors, what is “popcorn brain“???, and Oklahoma State Trooper that’s been hit SIX times while on duty, a man who tried to buy a Porsche with a fake check, the inaugural #FloridaMan games, a guy who offered up a free subscription to his wife’s OnlyFans account in exchange for concert tickets, a woman who got busted throwing Christmas trees, and a cop who got caught shoplifting while on duty.


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