Would you keep $30k? Batteries in the urethra.

Today is #NationalFridayFishFryDay, even though we do that EVERY Friday in WI.

We obviously talked about the sensational Caitlin Clark, who just set the NCAA Division 1 women’s basketball scoring record.

The big topic this morning was whether or not you’d return $30,000 if you found it on a train. Brian, of course, would keep the money…but both Shaw & Jean say they’d turn it into the authorities.

Doc joined us to talk about this weekend’s Daytona 500.

And during today’s “Bad News with Happy Music”, we had stories about a guy in Illinois who showed up to his OWI class drunk, a #FloridaMan who stole some statues to try & impress his ex-gf, some fake alligators in Arizona that are causing people to call 911, a mom who assaulted her own kid after he called her a “Booger Face”, another #FloridaMan who carjacked his own grandmother & then wrote her a 4-page apology letter, and a guy who got a few batteries stuck in his pee-hole.


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