Top Songs of the Week – 2/15/24

No changes from last week as it pertains to our best songs on 95.7 The Rock. But there is a lot of up and coming songs that are fighting for a place at the peak. Our current top songs list is below.

  1. Daughtry – Artificial
  2. Mammoth WVH – I’m Alright
  3. Tim Montana – Devil You Know
  4. Bad Wolves – Legends Never Die
  5. Shinedown – A Symptom of Being Human
  6. Papa Roach – Leave a Light On
  7. Disturbed (w/Ann Wilson) – Don’t Tell Me

I expect big changes to our top songs chart next week. One song in particular that should have some attention drawn to it is the new one from Motionless in White called “Sign of Life”. Check it out below.

Top Songs of the Week
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