Top Songs of the Week – 1/31/24

We’re closing in on that time of year where we’re really going to start to see a lot of new music coming in. Concert announcements are flying in left and right, and to get people excited for them, bands typically start releasing more work from their latest album. We have a little movement on our list of top songs this week, and I expect more in the weeks to come. Here’s the list in no particular order as it sits now.

  1. Daughtry – Artificial
  2. Mammoth WVH – I’m Alright
  3. Staind – Here and Now
  4. Bad Wolves – Legends Never Die
  5. Shinedown – A Symptom of Being Human
  6. Tim Montana – Devil You Know
  7. Papa Roach – Leave a Light On

Daughtry is still holding a top spot, which excites me for their show coming up on April 2nd for our birthday. Which if you haven’t gotten tickets for, you can by clicking here.
Shinedown has been holding a top spot for a couple of weeks, and likely will continue for a while as we prepare ourselves for Rock Fest.
Papa Roach is new to the top spots this week with their song “Leave a Light On”, a tribute to the subjects of mental health and suicide. You can check out the video below.

Top Songs of the Week
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