Win the Brewski Box!

Throughout 2023, we had a great time with the 95.7 The Rock Brewski Box, filling it up with different brews from Budweiser and giving you guys a chance to win them. We’ve given out Bud Lite, Cutwater, Nutrl, and so much more.
To wrap up the year, the whole thing has to go!
We’re gonna fill it up one more time with Michelob Ultra, Nutrl, Cutwater, and Stella Artois. Then this time, the winner gets the Brewski Box, and everything in it.
Put it in your garage, workshop, bedroom. Wherever you want. It’s YOUR Brewski Box.
So be over 21, and click here!


We’re finally giving away the Brewski Box, but we’re gonna fill it up one last time, and give it all away! #Budweiser #Beer

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