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For those who may not know, I’ve spent the last couple of years growing my hair out in the interest of donating it to Wigs For Kids. The reason being, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to early detection, and some incredible doctors whom I’m forever in debt to, I get to keep my mom.

But she had asked me to shave my head in solidarity with her as she lost her hair during her battle. The thing is, shaving my head is a regular thing for me. So there’s no impact. Instead, I opted to go the opposite route and grow it in order to donate.

I got to keep my mom, and now some child going through some bad stuff gets to feel a little normal by having my hair to replace the hair they lost. It’s a small token to pay.
I encourage everyone to do the same. Cancer is a monster, but we are not powerless against it.
Here’s the before and after, as well as the video below.

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