Best Chevelle Songs – Bags’ Top 10

Chevelle is joining Three Days Grace for Act 3 of the Altra Rocks Summer Concert Series at Copeland Park and Event Center, and not a single person in this whole town is more excited about this than me. I’m a huge Chevelle fan, having seen them countless times. If you’ve listened to the Road Rage, you’ve likely heard me refer to them as one of the best live bands out there. If you’ve never seen them before, you’re about to find out why on September 16th.
Making a list of my top 10 songs from them is a difficult task. But here goes.

10. Face to the Floor
9. Letter From a Thief
8. I Get It
7. Forfeit
6. Joyride
5. Send the Pain Below
4. The Red
3. The Clincher
2. Vitamin R
1. Well Enough Alone

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