Evil Dead Movies Ranked

The Evil Dead will get another installment in a matter of weeks. So with the upcoming film, I thought I’d take this time to rank the current films in this rather short series.
I’d like you to keep in mind that I’m a huge fan of the series, and to me, none of these movies are bad. Well, maybe they’re bad, but in a way that’s still highly entertaining to me. I feel like my opinion on this ranking changes constantly, but here’s where I sit at current moment. We’ll see where the new film fits on this list after it’s release on April 21st.

4. The Evil Dead (1981)
3. Evil Dead (2013)
2. Evil Dead 2
1. Army of Darkness

This is one of those rare cases where I think the original is the weakest of the franchise. That’s not to say I think it’s bad. But it was entirely retconned by Evil Dead 2, which in my opinion, is a stronger movie. The 2013 remake ditches the camp and comedy in favor of being a straight up horror movie, and I think it accomplishes this goal splendidly. But Army of Darkness? Absolute classic. Campy, fun, and uber quotable. It’s everything I loved about the 90’s.

Evil Dead Rise premiers on April 21st. Check the trailer below.

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