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I recently got my hands on the PS5…. finally. I ended up getting the bundle that got me the new God of War: Ragnarok. So before I got to playing that, I thought I’d quickly revisit the version from 2018, to which Ragnarok is the sequel. This was especially easy to do since the PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4.

First off, I just wanna say that I LOVE this game, and can’t wait to finish so I can see the sequel soon. It was definitely worth the replay, as all God of War games are.
This particular game was a very strong and ballsy shift for the God of War franchise, placing Kratos in a fatherly role, and then putting him into a completely different world of mythology as they shift from ancient Greek to Norse. This easily could have flopped, but instead, fans ate it up. For good reason. This game is objectively awesome, and while I thought a Greek god would feel silly among Norse mythology, it totally works.

Also, seeing Kratos as a father was an interesting move for the better. His character development with his son, Atreus, really pulls on some heart strings. He begins the game overly firm and overprotective with Atreus. But as the game progresses, the rough exterior of his past is peeled back to reveal the kind of father we should all strive to be.
(Okay, maybe don’t take your 11 year old on an adventure to battle monsters unless you’re a god.)

If you’ve never played it, you really should. You’ll likely be like me and want to go straight to Ragnarok right afterward to finish the tale. It’s a damn good one.

God of War
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