Dry January – Day 9

As a few of my friends do every year, I decided to jump aboard the whole “Dry January” thing. We’re early in the process so far, but here are a few thoughts.

First off, just as with Day 2, there isn’t a ton to report. Going just over a week without drinking isn’t the world’s biggest accomplishment for me. But I did a few tests. I’ve watched 2 Packer games and 2 Blackhawks games completely sober. Not that I have to drink for every game I watch, but a lot of us like to tip em back when we watch sports. I’m certainly no different.
My biggest test so far came last Friday when my mother-in-law took our boys for the night, leaving my wife and I alone for the evening. This is where we typically like to make an appearance at our favorite watering hole, as our “bar family” doesn’t get to see us together very frequently. But rather than going out for beers, my wife and I just went out to dinner, shared some time together, then she worked on some personal projects she’s been wanting to do while I parked my happy ass in front of the PS5 for a few hours.

Sure, we hadn’t drank together with friends in a while, but what we chose to do instead was also things we don’t get to do frequently.
So that’s my advice to you as we move forward and the test of Dry January gets more difficult. When you find yourself thinking that you haven’t drank in a while and think it’s a green light to give it up, think about something else you enjoy that you haven’t done in a while, and do that instead.
I bet you’ll enjoy yourself just as much or more.

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