Lego vs IKEA

I think I speak on behalf of all fathers when I say, the person in charge of the instructions for Lego needs to move over to IKEA to fix their busted instructions.

Something us parents inevitably have to do at Christmas, and the days to follow, is putting together an endless supply of the crap our kids got. Some of it, albeit, is our own fault for buying in the first place. In doing that, I’ve come to have a greater appreciation of the accuracy of the instructions Lego puts out.

This year, my son got a Lego Jurassic World Raptor Escape set. It’s pretty cool, but he’s also 5, and needs help putting together stuff like that. But taking him under my wing and walking him through it is a great way for him to learn to follow directions. He was actually a very big help, although easily distracted…

But I helped him put together that Raptor Escape set with incredible ease for something that seemed like it may be more complicated. Yet anytime I get a bookshelf from a store, I have to curse about 18 times before I’ve got it figured out. And even then, I may still have some mystery pieces floating about.

Why can’t furniture instructions be as good as Lego?
Someone fix this.

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