Summer Party Tip – You decide!

I’ve been giving you tips all Summer long on lawn care, music for your party, themes, drinking games & more.

But now, it’s your time to tell me what’s your favorite part of a Summer shindig.

I’ve always enjoyed almost every part of our annual Backyard BBQ, with the exception of cleaning up with a massive hangover. Nowadays, I just try to maintain a nice buzz all day long and clean a bit as the party progresses. There’s still PLENTY to do the following day, but throwing away food, or cleaning up a bit the night of the party makes it a bit more tolerable.

I think one of my favorite things about our Backyard BBQ is the funny stories that almost always accompany our gathering. There was the year my buddy got poison ivy after a lusty encounter with another party attendee. The year we made all sorts of fucked-up shots for people, including one with kraut-juice. The year the cops showed up at our new house….the list goes on & on.

But what about you? What’s your FAVORITE part of a Summer BBQ? The food? The tunes? Going home?

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